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     Inonotus Obliquus, or Chaga, as it is more commonly known, is a parisitic fungus that grows on trees throughout many of earth's northern regions.  Although chaga may be found on several species of tree, such as beech or aspen,  the major medicinal properties of Chaga are only found in those growing on birch trees.
     Several civilizations used Chaga to treat different illnesses in ancient times, but it is only recently that Chaga has come into the spotlight of Western culture.  
     Today people all over the world use Chaga to treat a host of conditions from allergies to cancer, but many of the miracle stories posted on the internet should be treated with caution.  There is no such thing as a magical cure-all for deadly diseases or unhealthy living.
     Our bodies are fascinating in their ability to heal themselves when provided with the proper resources, and this is where Chaga really shines.  Chaga provides our bodies with resources to help itself.  As a natural immune system booster, few supplements accomplish as much as a regular intake of chaga.




​​​     ​Traditional healers from many cultures have long known chaga to be valuable, but modern science is just getting aquainted with Inonotus Obliquus. To my knowledge there have been zero clinical trials with chaga. I expect that to change rather soon, but for now there are plenty of laboratory experiments that are starting to scratch the surface of chaga's potential. Some of the known benefits include:

     High Antioxidant levels​​-​ Chaga straight from the tree has an ORAC score somewhere between rasberries and Alaskan blueberries. Seem low? Maybe compared to some internet claims that chaga has more antioxidants than anything else on earth, but lab results show otherwise. Still, chaga is an extremely powerful antioxidant.
     Strong anti-tumor properties- ​This is probably what chaga is most famous for. In numerous lab tests chaga has shown incredible promise in the fight against various strains of cancer.
     Adaptogenic qualities-​ Chaga's most fascinating property just may be its ability to help the body regulate itself as a whole. Chaga improves metabolism, nervous response, and a host of other sytems. This brings hope to millions suffering from things like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and diabetes.
​It may not look like much, but this chunk of chaga is a powerful superfood.

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